A single environment for offline programming (OLP) of industrial robots.
An efficient robotic machining solution for the rapid creation of complex 3D movements without collisions with native code with 6 or more axes.



SprutCAM is a CAM system for NC program generation for machining using; multi-axis milling, turning, turn/mill, Wire EDM numerically controlled machines and machining centres. The system enables the creation of NC programs for machines with a wide variety of kinematics and can be adjusted to NC equipment of virtually any kind.

SprutCAM’s advanced functionality and its wide range of available features enables the efficient machining of dies, press tools, casting molds, preproduction models, master models, machine parts, original and mass production parts, basic parts, spare parts, wooden parts, templates, engraving of inscriptions and images


SprutCAM includes a powerful machining simulation module, which allows the user to simulate the machining of the part using any machine already installed within SprutCAM; using the full machine kinematics and 3D model.

The machining simulation enables the machining technology to be optimized for maximum efficiency, tooling and machine life etc. While simulating the machining process, SprutCAM automatically takes into account both the machine and auxiliary equipment travel limits.

The standard SprutCAM installer includes a variety of machines for practically all types of metal-cutting machinery.

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