Multifunctional CAM Software.
Combine all product development processes. Funds in a single CAM intelligence software, CAD engineering and 3D rendering.


Autodesk® Fusion 360 quickly and easily converts 3D models into toolpaths for CNC machines.

Fusion360 from today it includes all the 3D design features in a single program. To best complete your pre-production phase you get access to advanced simulation technologies and CAM up to 6 axes.


Create toolpaths for machining or use 3D printing technology to create a prototype.


Design or reinvent a product, run demo of use and realistic animations in a simple way.


Use the material modeling tools to explore new shapes and create finishing features.

3D file import: STL – 3DS – DXF – OBJ – SBP – TXT – WRL – X – LWO – V3D
Multi-face machining
Automatic detection of limits to minimize processing times
Interactive positioning of the “tabs”
Efficient 3D toolpaths such as roughing, finishing and cropping
Cut the model into slices for processing too large
Realistic previews of the tool path in different materials
Estimate of processing times
Possibility to save the route