SprutCAM: a single environment for offline programming (OLP) of industrial robots

An efficient robotic milling solution for the rapid creation of complex 3D movements without collisions with native code with 6 or more axes.

SprutCAM is a CAM software for the processing of numerical control machines; multi-axis milling, turning, EDM wire and machining centers. The system allows the creation of NC programs for machines with a wide variety of kinematics and can be adjusted for numerical control equipment of any type.

CAM software for your working needs

The advanced features of SprutCAM and its wide range of functions available allow efficient processing of molds, press tools, casting molds, pre-production models, master models, machine parts, original and mass production parts, basic parts, spare parts, wooden accessories, models, engraving and much more.

Integrated simulation system

The system has an integrated simulation mode, it’s made possible thanks to the use of dynamic parameter management, to obtain an image of the component during the manufacturing process. SprutCAM has a great variety of strategies for standard and high-speed milling that allow you to work on parts with various types of surfaces.

The possibility of creating the tool path taking into account the crest height allows to obtain a smooth and quality surface. Minimization of working times thanks to automatic detection of residual material. The function of the smooth tool path allows to avoid the formation of sudden changes of direction of the machine, considerably lengthening its duration over time.

SprutCAM functions are based on solid models, surfaces, meshes and curves. For any geometric object an additional over-metal can be set.

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