RM-RoboCut3D Educational

Price starting from:
€ 98.000 ex. works


Learn how to program and how to use industrial robots. RM-RoboCut3D Educational is an industrial robot with 6 interpolated axes that can help you make the first steps in the industrial robotics world. Have fun and start experimenting with all the different robotized applications.

It is a very useful solution for schools, universities and companies that want to teach robotics in a practical way.

Processing videos with RM-RoboCut3D Educational

Processing videos with RM-RoboCut3D Educational


It is not enough to know how to move a robot, you’d also need to understand and to use the technologies installed. That’s why you can implement different types of technologies.  You can use the robot to do: pick and place, milling, cutting, dosing and so on.. In addition, we designed the RM-RoboCut3D Educational with a transportable cabin, so you can move the robot to different classrooms or business environments.

Robot antropomorfo didattico per la programmazione robotica


The aluminum worktop with “T” caves will allow you to clamp and place rough materials of various types.

In addition to the clamping  systems supplied, you can also integrate other clamping technologies such as vacuum tables and pneumatic clamps.

You have a large work area that you can practice with all the applications you need.

The cabin with protections allows you to work safely and keeps your work area safe during robot activity.

The safety systems also allow the robot to lock immediately in case of danger.

Kuka Smartpad con XMC 4.0 per il controllo manuale dell'impianto robotizzato Ronchini


Control the movements of the robot with a simple touch on the touch screen pad. You can control robot movements quickly and easily with the XMC 4.0 RoboCut, our custom designed software interface for our robotic systems.

The SmartPad Kuka has been designed to perform complex tasks in the simplest possible way.
The “context-sensitive” interface only displays the relevant options at the time of processing.
Thanks to the intuitive operator guide, experienced and non-experienced users can work quickly and efficiently even with little exercise.

Kuka Smartpad con XMC 4.0 per il controllo manuale dell'impianto robotizzato Ronchini


Our robotic solutions can rely on the reliability of the robots Kuka, the leading brand in industrial robotics. As robotic integrators, we are experts in the designing of robotic systems. We are specialized in specific applications and we help the customer to select the right solution for specific needs. Our multi-year collaboration with Kuka Robotics enables us to offer robotic solutions ready for the new challenges of the industry 4.0.

Ronchini KUKA Official System Partner integrator

Technical features - RM-RoboCut3D Educational

RM-RoboCut3D Educational

  •  KR06 std con ES 13 handling multibus, axes connector kit 13
  •  Controller KR C4 compact 
  •  Electric board for the standard HF, EU Spindle 
  •  Wire 10mt 
  •  Operating system KSS
  •  Kit robot wire <> 10mt controller 
  •  SmartPad for the programming with wire 10mt
  •  Payload 6 Kg
  •  Max. reach 901 mm 
  •  Number of axes 6 
  •  Indicative weight 52 Kg 
  •  Controller KRC4 
  •  Range A1 +/ 170°  A2 +45°/190° A3 +156°/120°  A4 +/185° A5 +/ 120° A6 +/ 350°
  •  Digital module I/O 16/16/4 (EtherCAT Extension Bus) 
  •  EL4002 2channel analog output terminal 0…10 V, module 12 bit 
  •  EL3062 2channel analog input terminal 0…10 V, singleended, module 12 bit 
  •  Power supply 230 Vac monophase 
  •  LED RGB lightning with variation of colours depending on the status of the robot [Optional]
  •  Lighting on working area with cool light 6400K
  •  Manual and documentation

Safety System



  •  Safety systems with opening
  •  Interlocked security micro with call unlock 
  •  Max. dimensions 1600 x 1600 x 2170(h) mm


HFSpindle and Electric Board 


  •  HFSpindle RMWASP 0.8Kw 24.000 Rpm 
  •  Software with automatic management of the start/stop process 
  •  Overfeed spindle 0100% on control panel
  •  Electric board RAL 7035 light grey


Included Software: 


  •  SmartPad with software “XMC4.0 RoboCut” and license
  •  Software with license CAM Robot 
  •  Post processor for RMRoboCut3D