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5-axes CNC milling machine for eyewear

A 5-axes milling machine for glasses: fast, versatile and fully automated. A professional milling solution for producing glasses in large batches, small series and prototyping.

RM-FrameVX simplifies your way of producing glasses thanks to the perfect synchrony between the robotic interlocking system and the high precision milling machine. Forget the long waits between one process and another thanks to the optimization of all the milling phases.

RM-FrameVX for high precision milling on acetate and other materials

With RM-FrameVX you can mill acetate cellulose glasses and many other materials.

The 2.0 kW spindle at 24,000 rpm and the high precision structure allows you to obtain smooth milling with centesimal precision on: cellulose acetate, wood, horn, optyl, polyamide and light metal alloys.

Processing video with RM-FrameVX

Processing video with RM-FrameVX

High precision CNC milling machine for eyewear

RM-FrameVX has been designed to mill with very high precision and guarantee extremely fluid and fast interpolation on 5 axes thanks to the 4/5 axes group with harmonic reducers.

The steel structure is heavy and extremely rigid to minimize any type of vibration and ensure centesimal milling precision. The rectified guides and the recirculated ball screws reduce to the minimum any mechanical play.

High speed electrospindle

RM-FrameVX is equipped with a 2.0 kW 24,000 rpm electrospindle (40,000 rpm optional) for high speed milling. The air cooling system allows perfect heat dissipation and avoids any problem of overheating.

The quick coupling technology for ISO cones allows to accommodate cutters up to 10 mm in diameter and allows the perfect balance of the tool reducing any vibration during processing.



Fixed pneumatic vice with self-centering for working the inside of the glasses. Able to clamp boards from 130x30x3 mm up to 210x80x16 mm.


4th and 5th interpolated axis with expandable clamps specific for eyewear. The pneumatic gripping system mounts adjustable and interchangeable expanders on the 5th axis specific for the processing of the external part of the glasses.


XY worktop with useful working area 815 × 300 mm and mechanical and vacuum fixing. An excellent surface for the milling of temples, customizations and creation of customized accessories.


Automatic tool change with 15 stations for quick change of machining tools.



Kuka anthropomorphic robot for enslaving the various milling sections. The fastest and most efficient system for automated tooling of the various processing stages.


3 warehouses for removable and externally rechargeable strips. You can load up to 300 tablets in a single processing cycle. Each warehouse is adaptable and can load blanks from 130x30x3 mm up to 210x80x16 mm.


Artificial vision system for the identification of the size of the blank and automated selection of the gripping tools.

High precision mechanical components

RM-FrameVX is equipped with the best mechanical components for high-speed CNC milling machines, to guarantee reliability and long-term precision.

Circular ball screws

Always perfect positioning accuracy of the axes with recirculated ball screws. The motors will always have optimal performance and reduced consumption thanks to the very low drive torque.

Rectified guides

You will always have smooth and fast axes sliding thanks to the rectified guides. The very high rigidity of the guides give you superior precision performance and keep the bridge always stable and precise.

Yaskawa® motors Sigma 7

The best Yaskawa® servo motors for CNC milling machines. RM-FrameVX mounts on all Yaskawa® Sigma 7 motor axes with inverters, a guarantee of reliability and precision with unmatched performance.

XMC 5 HMI for Windows

XMC 5 HMI is the operator interface for Windows® environment simple and intuitive that allows you to have under control all the commands necessary to pilot RM-FrameVX. Through the software interface it is possible to: import the machinings, analyze the project from the 2D/ 3D preview and start the machining. Through the integrated plug-in Analytics 4.0, all productivity and processing status data are managed and processed in real time.

CAM software – SprutCAM 5X mill

Import the 3D project of your mount and create the fastest tool path to make it. With SprutCAM 5X mill you have professional CAM software to work continuously with all the 5 interpolated axes of RM-FrameVX.

Define the tool path and visualize the simulation of movement of the milling machine during your machining.

4.0 Analytics: data analysis software

4.0 Analytics is the data analysis software for the Ronchini Massimo machines, which allows you to: monitor, store and export the productivity data of RM-FrameVX.

4.0 Analytics complies with Industry 4.0 standards and allows all Ronchini Massimo CNC machines to communicate with the main business management software, importing the data of: life, production and error generated by the CNC machine.

Technical features - RM-FrameVX

RM-FrameVX - Technical features

  • XYZBC “High Speed” interpolated 5 axes milling machine specifically designed for eyewear
  • Electro-welded steel frame with 6/8 mm thick structural tubular and oven distension
  • XYZ advances with precision ball bearing screws
  • XYZ slidings on recirculating ball bearing units and high stiffness rectified guides
  • Cabling with robotic mobile laying cables and cable carries chains
  • XY axes maximum speed until 500 mm/sec [30,0 m/min]
  • Z axis maximum speed until 300 mm/sec [15,0 m/min]
  • XY axes brushless Yaskawa Sigma 7 motors with encoder 1.000.000 pulses/rev
  • Z axis brushless Yaskawa Sigma 7 motor with encoder 1.000.000 pulses/rev and magnetic brake
  • Yaskawa Sigma 7 power drivers with Ethercat piloting system
  • Numeric control with integrated multifunction PLC, able to manage up until 5 interpolated axes thanks to the adoption of a new RISC 32 bit processor with 264 Mhz clock
  • Spindle overfeed 0-100% on operating panel
  • Axes overfeed during machining 0-120% on operating panel
  • Axes overfeed during rapid movements 0-120% on operating panel
  • 2,0Kw 24.000 Rpm electrospindle “40.000 Rpm Optional”
  • Cooling tool system during metal processing with single nozzle cooling nebulizer and electric pump, with switching on and off managed by software
  • Cooling tool system during plastics processing with a single nozzle cooling blower and electro-valve, with switching on and off managed by software
  • Machine table and working area lighting with four 6400 K cold light ceiling lights
  • Carpentry and lexan integrated safety protections with manual opening
  • Retractable drawer for collecting chips
  • Retractable drawer for collecting machined pieces
  • Manuals and documentation


Electronic handwheel for the manual management of axes

  • Specific for XMC 5 numeric control
  • Handwheel pursuit axis
  • Axes selector and speed selector for XYZB axes
  • 4 function keys
  • “Deadman” presence operator button
  • Emergency stop button
  • Connection via DB25 connector- Maximum dimensions 2500 x 1800 x 2000/3000 (H) mm
  • Indicative weight 1.200 kg
  • Power supply 400 Vac 32 A three-phase