RM-EasyStep3D OCH

Price starting from:
€ 33.000,00 ex. works

Bench CNC router for glasses milling

Our entry level CNC router for glasses milling. RM-EasyStep3D OCH is a 4-axes interpolated CNC pantograph with table dimensions. Designed for the milling of fronts and rods, RM-EasyStep3D OCH offers a complete solution for opticians and manufacturers looking for a simple and effective machine for mass production and prototyping.

RM-EasyStep3D OCH for milling glasses in various materials

RM-EasyStep3D OCH can perform: cuts, incisions, holes and contours to create fronts and temples with any type of design.

The 0.8 kW spindle at 24,000 rpm and the sturdy steel structure allow you to mill all the main frame materials such as: cellulose acetate, wood, horn, polyamide, optyl, aluminum, titanium.

Processing video with RM-EasyStep3D OCH

Processing video with RM-EasyStep3D OCH

A CNC router for high performance eyewear

RM-EasyStep3D OCH offers the best performance in its category. The steel structure, rigid and robust and the high precision mechanical components, make it a machine for professional use.

RM-EasyStep3D OCH is the ideal CNC router for opticians and eyewear manufacturers looking for a compact and high-performance milling machine, capable of working for long production cycles without any interruption.

High speed electrospindle

RM-EasyStep3D OCH is equipped with an 800 W electrospindle at 24,000 rpm for high speed milling. The air cooling system allows perfect heat dissipation and avoids any problem of overheating.

The elastic pliers for attaching the cutters allow you to accommodate tools up to 7 mm in diameter and ensure perfect tool balance, considerably reducing any vibration during processing.

Worktop with vises for eyewear

In addition to the aluminum worktop with “T” slots for flat work on temples and accessories, RM-EasyStep3D OCH features a specific fastening system for milling glasses.

The eyewear top includes a double fastening system with:

  • Pneumatic vice: adaptable to the size of the raw tablets, for milling the inside of the front
  • Fourth interpolated axis with expandable vices: to fix the frame internally and perform contouring, modeling and drilling of the front

High precision mechanical components

To give you the best eyewear milling performance, we have equipped RM-EasyStep3D OCH with the best mechanical components.

Vitia a ricircolo di sfere per pantografi a controllo numerico

High precision ball screws

Thanks to the High Precision ball screws you can always get perfect positioning of the axes. The motors can fully exploit their torque thanks to the low friction between screw and nut-screws.

Linear motion guides

The slidings of the axes are always fast and fluid thanks to the linear motion guides. The precision of the milling process is guaranteed by the very high rigidity of the guides, which they always keep the bridge in an accurate and stable mode.


With closed loop motors with encoder, RM-EasyStep3D OCH has a high level of torque and a high positioning accuracy thanks to the encoder control.

XMC 5 HMI for Windows

XMC 5 HMI is the operator interface for Windows® environment simple and intuitive that allows you to have under control all the commands necessary to pilot RM-EasyStep3D OCH. Through the software interface it is possible to: import the machinings, analyze the project from the 2D/ 3D preview and start the machining. Through the integrated plug-in Analytics 4.0, all productivity and processing status data are managed and processed in real time.

Software CAM – SprutCAM 5X mill

Import the 3D project of your mount and create the fastest tool path to make it. With SprutCAM 5X mill you have professional CAM software to work continuously with all the 4 interpolated axes of RM-EasyStep3D OCH. Define the tool path and view the milling machine movement simulation during your machining.

4.0 Analytics: data analysis software

4.0 Analytics is the data analysis software for the Ronchini Massimo machines, which allows you to: monitor, store and export the productivity data of RM-EasyStep3D OCH.

4.0 Analytics complies with Industry 4.0 standards and allows all Ronchini Massimo CNC machines to communicate with the main business management software, importing the data of: life, production and error generated by the CNC pantograph.

Technical features - RM-EasyStep3D OCH

Technical features - RM-EasyStep3D OCH

  • Work area XY 790 x 470 mm
  • Maximum travel Z axis 130 mm
  • Mechanical steel structural work
  • XYZ feeds with preloaded precision ball screws
  • XYZ slides on recirculating ball runners
  • Wiring on the machine with robotics cables and cable chains
  • Maximum speed of XY axes 80 mm / sec [4.8 m / min]
  • Maximum speed Z axis 50 mm / sec [3.0 m / min]
  • Control electronics XMC 5 Stepless [Closed loop version]
  • XYZB motorization with closed loop encoder
  • 3D operator interface for windows XMC 5 eth RJ45 – ISO language
  • Electrospindle model RM-AirSP0.8 kW 800 W, 24000 rpm
  • Axis speed overfeed with external potentiometer
  • Spindle overfeed with external potentiometer
  • Indicative weight 80 kg
  • Maximum dimensions 980 x 590 x 800 (h) mm (Electronics excluded)
  • Power supply 230 Vac 50 Hz 10 A


Vices for eyewear with fourth interpolated axis

  • Removable fastening plate for total disengagement of the working area
  • Specific vise system for eyewear: fixed pneumatic vise for processing the internal part of the eyewear and pneumatic gripping system with eyes expandable on the 4th interpolated axis, for processing the external part of the eyewear
  • B axis motorization with closed loop encoder
  • Indexed and continuous interpolation
  • Integrated cutting area blowers