RM-EasyStep3D OCH

Price starting from:
€ 33.000,00 ex. works

CNC desktop router for eyewear production

The CNC router that allows you to mill your eyewear frames. Design your projects and make it with the 4 interpolated axis of RM-EasyStep3D OCH.

The router designed for opticians and eyewear manufacturers, that want a simple and effective machine to start a professional production of their eyewear frames and prototypes.

Eyewear milling in: acetate, wood, horn, and other materials

With RM-EasyStep3D OCH you can mill the classic acetate cellulose glasses.

The 0.8 kW 24,000 RPM spindle and the robust steel structure also allow you to mill other materials such as: plastic, wood, acrylic and light metal alloys.

Processing video with RM-EasyStep3D OCH

Processing video with RM-EasyStep3D OCH

Fixing system for eyewear

The double fixing system is designed specifically for eyewear milling:

  • Pneumatic vice: adaptable to the size of the frame, to mill the housing of the lens
  • 4th interpolated axis with expandable vices: ideal for fixing the frame and carrying out the work of contouring, modeling, drilling the front, etc

Flat worktop for temples production and eyewear customization

You have a completely flat part of the worktop table available for temples milling and eyewear frames customization. You can use it also to create accessories and glasses case.

With the “T” grooves of the table you can use the fixing systems you prefer: brackets, mechanical vices, pneumatic vices, speedy block and suction table (optional).

High precision mechanical components

To give you the best eyewear milling performance, we have equipped RM-EasyStep3D OCH with the best mechanical components.

Vitia a ricircolo di sfere per pantografi a controllo numerico

High precision ball screws

Thanks to the High Precision ball screws you can always get perfect positioning of the axes. The motors can fully exploit their torque thanks to the low friction between screw and nut-screws.

Linear motion guides

The slidings of the axes are always fast and fluid thanks to the linear motion guides. The precision of the milling process is guaranteed by the very high rigidity of the guides, which they always keep the bridge in an accurate and stable mode.


With closed loop motors with encoder, RM-EasyStep3D OCH has a high level of torque and a high positioning accuracy thanks to the encoder control.

Motion controller XMC 4.0 Stepless

RM-EasyStep3D OCH is equipped with the XMC 4.0 – Stepless motion control, the high performance handling system developed for the Ronchini Massimo CNC machines. XMC 4.0 is composed of a powerful hardware with an high computing capacity processor and a software interface (HMI) that can be installed on the Windows® operating system.

Powerful computing hardware

The hardware of XMC 4.0 – Stepless is composed of an aluminum case containing an axis control with integrated high-performance PLC.

The axes control hardware is composed of a powerful RISC processor interfaced with non-volatile high-speed RAM. The motion control section allows you to manage up to 4 interpolated axes and perform trajectories with high movement performance.

Software interface (HMI)

XMC 4.0 HMI is a simple and intuitive software interface that allows the operator to manage all the commands necessary for piloting and moving the machine. Just install XMC 4.0 on your Windows PC and connect it via LAN cable to your Ronchini Massimo CNC, to have full control of all the software functions and upload your working ISO files.

Software CAM – SprutCAM 5X mill

Import the 3D project of your mount and create the fastest tool path to make it. With SprutCAM 5X mill you have professional CAM software to work continuously with all the 4 interpolated axes of RM-EasyStep3D OCH. Define the tool path and view the milling machine movement simulation during your machining.

Technical features - RM-EasyStep3D OCH

Technical features