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With great pleasure and satisfaction, we communicate to all our partners and customers, whom we obtained for the year 2018 the certificate “Cribis Prime Company”.

This certificate makes us proud of our efforts aimed at business growth and further encourages us to invest towards even more advanced solutions for industry 4.0.

What the “Cribis Prime Company” certificate represents

Thanks to this certificate we can show our customers our commercial reliability.

With this certificate Cribis recognizes the Ronchini Massimo Srl qualification as Prime Company, a title that is only recognized at 7% of Italian companies.

Cribis reserves this certification only to companies that have demonstrated on a regular basis: both high economic-commercial reliability and a virtuous attitude in respect of commitments to customers and suppliers.

Who is Cribis D&B

CRIBIS D&B (Crif SpA Group) is a company specialized in providing economic information and credit scores.

Its specialization is in fact to provide reliable data on the economic and commercial performance of companies, to support solid and effective business partnership decisions.

More informations about Cribis

Cribis Premium Company certificate

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