The Eyeframe project has been created, a specific production solution for the eyewear branch and artisan optics.

An idea born from our collaboration with Ottica Mori of Pisa, to encourage the production of small optical stores.

Eyeframe: the system for personalized glasses production

For some time we have approached the world of optics, designing and constructing specific milling machines for eyewear.
This is why we supported the Eyeframe project, in collaboration with Ottica Mori and designed RM-3/69 a bench-top CNC milling machine specifically appropriate for eyewear.
The philosophy behind the project is to support the industry in the field of optics and provide a complete and modular solution that allows: milling, finishing and assembly of customized glasses.

The idea of ​​the project was created by Luca, Chiara and Lorenzo Mariotti, who set the ambitious goal of relaunching the optician’s figure, providing a complete solution to produce customized frames in their own shop.

The Eyeframe system in fact provides the optician with everything he needs to create an acetate (or other material) frame, overcoming the design constraints of large eyewear production houses.

Not having the need to make large volumes of production, the optician can concentrate on providing the customer with a product of excellent workmanship that reflects his desires.

RM-3/69: the numerical control milling machine for eyewear

The challenge that Ottica Mori has presented us has been to redesign our RM-EasyStep3D pantograph and adapt it to the field of eyewear.

A challenge that led to the creation of RM-3/69, a CNC milling machine born from our design skills and the historical experience of Ottica Mori in the field of artisan eyewear.

RM-3/69 guarantees the optician to have great flexibility in the work and to mill frames in cellulose acetate or in other materials like: horn, wood, plastic materials and non-ferrous alloys.

This milling machine allows the operator to go through different creative ways, both in the design phase and in the choosing materials phase.

The plan is equipped with 3 work stations, ideal for the realization of the various components of the glasses:

  1. Station for milling the external contour of the frame;
  2. Station for milling the inside of the frame;
  3. Stand for milling the mounting rods.

To ensure even faster and more flexible processing, the RM-3/69 was equipped with a 6-position automatic tool changer.

Complete processing kit

In addition to RM-3/69, the Eyeframe system also includes all the complete instrumentation for processing semi-finished eyewear.

The kit also includes:

Tumbling set
Animator for auctions
Limiter for auctions
Set of abrasives
Polishing brush

With all the equipment for processing eyewear, Ottica Mori also includes a complete training course, which allows you to become immediately operational with the instrumentation.

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