Tangential cut head

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Not everything can be cut by using a milling tool or by laser, many materials need to be cut and shaped with the blade.
Mainly this type of technology works on fabrics, felts, rubbers, mats, roll plastics, cartons and cardboard, foams.

The basic operation is not far from milling but the peculiarity of this technology is that the blade must always be oriented tangentially to the path. The right tangential orientation is guaranteed by a motor driven by the numerical control that manages the rotation of the blade.

Some materials, usually the thinnest ones, foresee the only tangential cut by fixed blade.

The blade pressure is guaranteed by a pneumatic piston with manual calibration by means of a pressure switch.
When the materials to be cut have a high thickness and are particularly hard the head can be used in its oscillating version.
In this case, in addition to rotating along the path, the blade will oscillate at a high frequency on its axis. The blades are normally made of solid tungsten carbide or hard metal (HM) for maximum durability and cutting precision.

As for flat blades, the most important parameters are the “wedge angle” and the “cutting angle”. The smaller the wedge angle, the better it is to cut with the blade. As for the cutting angle, the smaller the cut, the easier it will be, but it will lead to an increase of the “overcut”, which is a defect due to the distance between the center of rotation of the blade and the point where the cutting edge crosses the surface of the material.

  • Diameter 24mm
  • Tangential cut head with oscillating or fixed blade
  • Motorized and interpolated rotation
  • “Home rotating axis” reference with integrated inductive sensor
  • Pneumatic setting of cut pressure (Fixed blade mode)
  • Standard grip tang 43 mm, H7 tolerance
  • Blade holder type A 0,64 mm
  • Blade holder type B 1,00 mm
  • Blade holder type C 1,50 mm
  • Blade holder for round blade
  • Adjustable V-Cut blade holder