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Ronchini Massimo Srl designs and manufactures Numerical Control Machines since 1985 providing professional solutions for the industrial production and the crafts. We have always set ourselves the goal of building machines with high precision and speed performance by mounting the best components available on the market. In years we have expanded our fleet, creating products specific to various processes such as milling, engraving, laser cutting, plasma cutting, wire cutting and then integrating robotic systems. 

The wide range of Ronchini Massimo’s machinery allows us to offer solutions specialized in processing of most materials such as wood, metal EPS, glass, stone, resin, polystyrene, vinyl etc. From 2008 the brand “XMC 2.0” which includes the entire range of production of numerical controls Available in various types. Thanks to the advent of Industry 4.0 OPERATOR “XMC 2.0” IS interface updated to “XMC 4.0”, which allows you to “communicate” with the machine so Faster and intuitive.


Our vision is to build and design of high precision machinery to improve production and productivity of artisans and industries. Our vision is to bring the machines to be Ronchini machine tools for excellence and install them in all businesses that require the highest quality. To bring the excellence on our machines, we assemble only the best components available on the market and we integrate technical and technological solutions of the latest generation. With our machines, we want to provide the best and most innovative solutions for each sector in order to increase the production capacities of both companies and households. Engineers and technicians and support staff combine global expertise with local knowledge to help deal with and realize more and more complex projects.

“The world today with Industry 4.0 is deeply changing, now it requires «Smart Systems for Smart Factories», Ronchini Massimo Srl is ready following up the new era of the factory and help all its customers in the industrial revolution of our century.” Ronchini Filippo – CEO of Ronchini Massimo Srl


After years of experience the Ronchini Massimo Srl is thrown into the world of Robotics, thus becoming “Partner System Integrator” of Kuka Roboter, then the official supplement recognized by the German parent company. In 2013 he comes to life version “XMC 2.0 Robot” which establishes a further growth step, an HMI operator interfaces for Kuka SmartPad integrator in the new line of systems “RM-RoboCut3d”, a new robotic solution for milling.

RM-Robotics integrates and adapts anthropomorphic robot according to the different needs of each client, making them capable of providing advanced and customized industry solutions, creating the perfect balance between the reduction of manpower and increased production. Our installations of the mechanical arm used to adapt the robot to perform complex tasks such as machine manufacturing, handling, installation, assembly and much more. Thanks to robotic automation benefits, therefore, improve the production process and made more advanced and intelligent industrial processes. Are multiple the results arising from the robotics solutions, for example:

Reduction of the labour process

Thanks to the efficiency and the high production speed, there is a rapid return on investment [ROI].

Improving business productivity

A robot has the ability to work at a constant speed without interrupting, making the production leaner.

Improvement of quality and efficiency

Operations are performed accurately and continuously thanks to the high repeatability levels that a robot offers.

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