XMC 4.0 Professional Numerical Control for the handling of industrial machines.

Fast, simple, intuitive and flexible, ideal for every application!

Our XMC 4.0 motion controller range provides motion solutions designed to be integrated with multi-axis machine tools and different machining technologies. XMC solutions are designed to give you powerful computational processing capabilities through the Motion Control PLC (PLC) and easy-to-use CNC software.

Discover our Motion Control solutions

XMC 4.0 Evolution

Motion control solution with the logical part only. It has been designed to be integrated into the electrical panel of small and large machines.

XMC 4.0 Stepless

Motion control solution complete with logic and power. Controller ideal for systems with up to 4 interpolated axes with small and medium dimensions.

XMC 4.0 Policut

Motion control solution complete with logic and power. Motion controller ideal for driving CNC wire cutting machines.

XMC 4.0 Robot

The latest generation of motion control solution with an HMI operator interface for Kuka smartpad, which converts the general purpose Kuka robot into a machining center.