“XMC 4.0” is a professional CNC Motion Controller for Industrial CNC machines of all sizes.

“XMC 4.0” is the latest generation Motion Controller for driving CNC machines up to 5 interpolated axes. The powerful hardware and the user-friendly software interface allow you to implement a complete Motion Control System on your router machine.

Windows® user interface

XMC 4.0 has a simple and intuitive operator interface that allows you to have the data you need at any time under control. Analyze your project from 2D or 3D, preview directly from your PC and start working when it’s all ready. Monitor actual processing data in real-time on the monitor.

  • Display machine coordinates and part coordinates
  • Shifts in a separate jog for each axis and ongoing leaps
  • Intuitive and powerful ISO editor with MDI Management
  • Display 2D and 3D graphics of the ISO file with processing times estimated
  • With manual loading and automatic tool selection
  • Start, stop, pause and restart as a row or correct Lock
  • Full diagnostics with I / O alarm display
  • Managing car parks and multiple origins
  • Overfeed spindle 0/100% overfeed and axes 0/120%
  • Presetting management for automatic tool length measurement
  • Probe management for acquiring the Gxx
  • B rotary axis management with continuous and helical interpolation
  • Keypad management in jog movement (RM-KeypadLC)
  • Keypad electronic handwheel management (RM-KeypadTX)
  • Change management features automatic tool
  • Management and control of metering systems with dedicated functions
  • Management and control blade tangential cutting systems with dedicated functions

Motion Control hardware

XMC 4.0 Evolution is a powerful axis controller with PLC and HMI integrated based on a high-level RISC processor at 264 Mhz. This Motion Control can run up to 5 interpolated axes machines and it can execute pre-processing of the axis trajectories in order to obtain high-performance.

Thanks to the high calculation power of this axis controller it is possible to control complex industrial CNC machines. It is possible to connect a high number of I/O, which it can be further increased by adding extra expansions both from Ethercat and CanOpen.

It can manage other automation devices responding to CiA 402 (drives) and CiA 406 (encoder and different transducers) specifications. This powerful controller allows you to manage drives through CANopen, EtherCAT (with CoE profile – CANopen over EtherCAT) and Mechatrolink-II.



The Design process

“XMC 4.0” is able to directly interpret the standard ISO G code language, leaving you maximum freedom in all the design process.



Draw the project to work in 2D and 3D, using any type of CAD software. Start your project by using any kind of CAD software to draw your design in 2D or 3D.



Convert the CAD project into a virtual geometric model and generate the machine toolpath thanks to the CAM software.


CNC – XMC 4.0

Import the “XMC 4.0” ISO G code file from the CAD software. The ISO G code will automatically be converted in machine’s movement.