XMC 4.0 Robot converts the Kuka robot into a machining center, control it with your Smart Pad.

XMC 4.0 Robot is a next-generation Motion Control Software equipped with a human machine interface HMI for Kuka smartpad, which converts the general purpose Kuka robot into a machining center. 



Computer-Aided Design, indicates the computer industry aimed at using software technologies and in particular computer graphics to support the design of both virtual and real artifacts. Computer Aided Design systems have the objective of creating models, 2D and 3D of the product.



Computer-Aided Manufacturing, this expression indicates a category of software products that analyze a virtual, two-dimensional or three-dimensional geometric model, for generate the necessary instructions to a computerized numerical control (CNC) machine tool to follow a “toolpath” defined by these instructions.


CNC – XMC 4.0

XMC 4.0 Robot is a next-generation “Motion Control Software” equipped with a human machine interface (HMI) for Kuka smartpad, which converts the general purpose Kuka robot into a machining center.

XMC 4.0 - Robot Hardware

“XMC 4.0 motion control” is a powerful Axis Control with integrated PLC and HMI based on a high-performance 264 MHz RISC processor interfaced to non-volatile high-speed RAM. The Motion Control section, which manages up to 5 interpolated axes, is able to perform trajectories obtaining high performance of movement. The calculation power of this Axis Control makes it suitable for the management of complex machines for different sectors of the Industrial Automation. The cyclic PLC and the sequential CNC section, thanks to the rich and powerful set of instructions, allow the development of flexible automation applications. The HMI operator interface converts the general purpose KUKA robot into a machining center, although the KUKA base environment remains operational: spindle ignition, tool definition, ATC management and work process management. In the stations of every machine tool we produce, overfeed spindle and overfeed axes are available. A feature that makes the interface interesting for other integrators is the lack of limits in the size and number of imported files: through a buffer system, the operator from a remote network, or simply with a USB stick, can load and select the SRC file to be processed. It will therefore no longer be necessary to create broken files or manage files that are limited in size. You can load a hundreds of Mb file with a simple click, without any interruption of the processing itself.

SmartPad KUKA

Thanks to the “context-sensitive” interface of the Kuka Smartpad, only important options are shown at the time of operation. Thanks to its ease of use, even less experienced operators can work efficiently.

Main features

1. Simple and intuitive control operating system
2. USB access for loading programs and direct saving
3. Ergonomic 6D Mouse
4. KR C4 controller that makes it compatible with other KUKA robots and corrects unreported errors