XMC 4.0

XMC 4.0 Evolution is a latest generation “Motion Control Software“ for driving CNC machines up to 5 interpolated axes. Ideal for integration with external production machines and Stepless motorized machines (RM-EasyStep3D).

XMC 4.0 robot

XMC 4.0 Robot is a latest generation “Motion Control Software” equipped with an HMI operator interface for Kuka smartpad, which converts the general purpose Kuka robot into a work center.

XMC 4.0 Policut

XMC 4.0 Policut is a latest generation “Motion Control Software” able to drive numerically controlled machines up to 5 interpolated axes. Ideal for CNC machines with hot-wire cutting technology.


2D vector drawing software. It allows you to create paths and cutting strategies for CNC machines, milling machines and engraving machines.


3D model conversion software in toolpaths. Easily and quickly convert 3D models into toolpaths for conventional 3-axis CNC machines.

vcarve pro

Complete software solution for creating toolpaths. VCarve is a powerful 2D drawing software, toolpath calculation and cutting strategies for CNC machines.


Complete CAD / CAM software. Aspire was created on the same VCarve Pro software platform, sharing the same features and ease of use for design and production.


A single environment for offline programming of industrial robots. An excellent robotic processing solution for creating complex 3D collision-free movements, with native code of 6 or more axes.

fusion 360

Multifunctional CAM software that allows you to combine all the product development processes. Funds in a single CAM intelligence software, CAD engineering and 3D rendering.

4.0 analytics

Monitor Analytics

4.0 Analytics is a last generation Analysis Software. Join the 4.0 industry world and analyzes your production data in real time.