Robot antropomorfo didattico per la programmazione robotica

Industrial robot for education. RM-RoboCut3D Educational is a 6-axis industrial robot, which can be integrated with different technologies and is very useful for learning how to use industrial robots.


Impianto robotizzato Ronchini per la fresatura di polistirolo

Milling Robot with 5 different sizes. RM-RoboCut3D is a robotic milling station, composed by a milling robot and all the accessories for 3D milling on different materials.


RM-RoboCut 3D Stone is the ideal sculptor robot for milling stone, marble and granite and making your three-dimensional masterpieces as a great artist.

customized robotic systems

Do you need a robotic system for company automation? Visit our RM-Robotics site, dedicated to building customized robotic solutions for company automation.