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The SCAN in a BOX is a 3D structured light scanner, easy to use and versatile.

It allows to select the parameters of the scanning and to create within seconds a 3D image of the desired object.

SCAN in a BOX also allows the acquisition of colour and textures of the subject, which will be played directly on the 3D model.


Scan in a Box uses the Structured Light, a revolutionary technology and uses optical components of professional type.

Accurately designed in all its detailed, it offers a very high level of performance at a competitive cost: Scan in a Box is the best choice on the 3D scanning market.


Scan in a Box is a modular and versatile product.

It consists of an aluminum bar, engraved with the default positions for the cameras, which acts as a support of three stands: the central one of the projector, that needs to be fixed in a stable manner, and the two side of the cameras, adjustable in amplitude for the choice of the scanning area.

The whole assembly is mounted on an adjustable tripod, with ergonomic joystick head.

The connections through cables down the back of the instrument and is collected in a band included in the kit.

They also include all the tools necessary for the proper assembly and its operating manual.


High Precision, High Speed ​​at a Competitive Price
Scan in a Box is a low-cost effective product, developed to make the end-user satisfied.

The choice of each individual component in the assembly is aimed to provide the maximum performance of the scanner, with the result of high precision and high speed. All for an economic offer.

The technology Structured Light is the new generation, and it replaces the outdated Laser Scanning.

It is designed to better leverage the hardware: the choice of two professional cameras, high-definition stereo structure, as well as the choice of the projector, allow the best performance, with better accuracy and improved detail resolution.

Choosing Scan in a Box, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to start immediately to produce excellent results in the field of 3D scanning: the modular structure makes it easy to mount.

Scan in a Box also offers the ability to configure the structure of the scanner of different areas, in relation to the object concerned.


Scanner dimensions 400x105x92 mm
Packaging dimensions 470x440x120 mm
Packaging weight 5,5 kg
Scan time Approximately 4 sec. to scan
Resolution/Precision From 0.1% of accuracy compared to the objects scanned
Mesh density From 10 millions models vertices

Output files