PhotoVCarve has been developed to allow CNC machines to carve and engrave in a way that until now could only be done using an expensive laser marking systems.

What is PhotoVCarving? PhotoVCarve instantly converts photographs and images into high-quality tool paths that can be run on virtually all CNC routeing and engraving machines.


The ability to permanently CNC machine pictures onto jobs has been a challenge to many machine users and although there are software products that appear to offer the facility, they often fail to deliver in reality.

PhotoVCarve is also perfect for machining 3D Lithophanes directly from photographs, that make perfect gifts, keepsakes and mementos that will last for generations. 

The opportunities PhotoVCarve offers are endless and it can be used by all CNC machine users.

From the hobbyists who build their own ‘ home brew ‘ tables to professional engravers running high-cost industrial machines, the software offers something for everyone.



The PhotoVCarve interface is very intuitive and guides you through opening an image, calculating a toolpath, previewing the results and saving the file ready for running on your CNC machine.

Select the photograph or image file that you wish to carve or engrave. This could be from a Digital camera, Mobile phone, Flat bed scanner or Downloaded from the internet.

Most industry standard pixel based image file formats can be opened and used with PhotoVCarve.

These include JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PNG At this point you can decide to limit the tool path to only cut inside specific regions of an image by interactively selecting colour’s in the image to be Transparent.

For example, this is very useful for removing unwanted background detail from a photograph.

Making regions of a design transparent also reduces the actual cutting time for a design because the unwanted regions are excluded from the toolpath.